Stefano Caselli Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Stefano Caselli Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Stefano Caselli is an Italian fashion designer and businessman. He is best known for marrying British actress and producer Gemma Arterton. Stefano and Gemma were married for four years before getting divorced in 2015. The 39-year-old designer has made a name for himself in the fashion industry, creating unique and stylish designs.

Despite their split, Stefano and Gemma remain on good terms and continue co-parenting their son. With a successful career and a net worth of over $10 million, Stefano continues to make waves in the fashion world.

Who is Stefano Caselli?

Stefano Caselli comes from Italy, and he loves to design clothes. Think of him as an artist, but instead of painting pictures, he creates clothes people can wear. He’s also known for once being married to a famous actress, Gemma Arterton. They were a family for a while and even had a son together.

Stefano is not just about fashion; he’s also a businessman, which means he knows how to grow his clothing business. People recognize him for his creative designs and for being part of Gemma’s life. He’s good at what he does and enjoys making beautiful clothes.

Real Name/Birth Name Stefano Catelli
Nick Name Stefan
Gender Male
Citizenship Italian
Ethnicity Italian
Religion Christianity

Early Life and Education

Stefano Caselli was born in Italy, a beautiful country known for its rich history and delicious food. As a young boy, Stefano had a significant interest in drawing and colors. He loved to imagine and create his clothing styles, even before he knew that fashion designing was a real job!

When it was time for school, Stefano attended classes like other kids. Later, he decided to learn more about making clothes, so he went to a particular school for fashion. This school taught him about fabrics, designs, and how to turn his cool ideas into clothes people wear.

Stefano Caselli Real name

Stefano Caselli is his name when we talk about him designing clothes and being a dad. But when he was born, his parents gave him a unique name, just like your parents did for you. This unique name is written on his birth certificate, which is a paper that proves who you were when you were born.

Sometimes, people in the fashion world or movies use different names when they become famous. But for Stefano, the name everyone knows him by, Stefano Catelli, is the same name he has always had since he was a little kid, just like you.

Stefano Caselli Nationality

Stefano Caselli is from Italy, which means he is Italian. Italy is a European country known for its beautiful places and yummy food like pizza and pasta. Being Italian means Stefano grew up in Italy, learning about Italian culture and maybe enjoying Italian holidays and traditions.

Italy is famous for fashion, too, which helped Stefano become a great fashion designer. Like how you might be from a place where you learn and celebrate extraordinary things, Stefano’s Italian background helped shape who he is.

Stefano Caselli Age, Height, Weight

Stefano Caselli is 39 years old, meaning he’s been around for a while, learning many things about making clothes and being a dad. He’s taller than most people, standing six feet tall, which is as tall as a door!

We don’t know exactly how much he weighs, but just like you and me, what’s important is that he’s healthy. Being tall helps Stefano when he designs clothes because he can think about how they’ll look on different people.

Stefano Caselli Parents

Stefano Caselli grew up in a loving family in Italy. His mom and dad were critical in his life, just like your parents are to you. They helped him learn about many things, including appreciating beautiful clothes and designs. We don’t have their names, but his parents always supported Stefano’s dream of becoming a fashion designer.

They must be proud of all he has accomplished. Imagine your family cheering for you when you do something great; that’s how Stefano’s parents feel about him.


Stefano Caselli grew up with brothers or sisters like you might have. Having siblings means you always have someone to play with, share secrets, or sometimes argue with, but in the end, you still love each other. We don’t know their names or how many he has, but just like in your family, they were a big part of Stefano’s life.

They probably played together, helped with homework, and supported each other’s dreams. Imagine having a brother or sister interested in fashion, just like Stefano. They could have fun designing clothes together!

Stefano Caselli Wife/Girlfriend

Stefano Caselli was once married to Gemma Arterton, a famous actress from Britain. Gemma has been in many movies, playing exciting roles. They decided to get married because they cared a lot about each other. Their wedding was a special day full of happiness.

But after some years, they realized they would be happier living apart, so they got a divorce. This means they are no longer husband and wife. Even though they are not together anymore, they still want the best for each other. Now, Stefano focuses on his fashion designing and being a great dad.


Stefano Caselli and Gemma Arterton have a son together. Having a son means Stefano is a dad, an essential job. Like your parents care for you, Stefano takes care of his son. They spend time together, playing and learning new things.

Being a dad means helping your child grow up happy and strong. Stefano’s son is a big part of his life, and he loves him very much. Having a son or daughter to share all your adventures with is fun.


Stefano Caselli is like a magician but for clothes. He turns simple pieces of fabric into beautiful dresses and suits that people love to wear. He went to a school where he learned all about making clothes, which helped him become good at his job. As a fashion designer, he imagines what a piece of clothing should look like and then creates it.

Stefano has worked for some big companies, where he has been able to show off his designs to lots of people. He loves making clothes that make people feel good about themselves.

Stefano Caselli Net worth

Stefano Caselli has a lot of money from making and selling clothes. People say he has more than $10 million! That’s like having a massive pile of coins that could reach as high as the sky. He earned this by being very good at designing clothes that lots of people want to wear.

Imagine if you made a lemonade stand and everyone in town came to buy your lemonade because it was the best. That’s what happened with Stefano but with fashion. So, he has enough money to buy lots of toys and maybe even a few candy stores!

Stefano Caselli Ethnicity

Stefano Caselli ethnicity is Italian. This means his family comes from Italy, which is known for its unique art, history, and food. Italy is in Europe and has a rich culture that influences the whole world, including fashion. Being Italian, Stefano grew up with traditions and celebrations unique to Italy.

He likely enjoyed Italian holidays, ate delicious Italian meals, and learned about Italy’s famous artists and designers. This background helped Stefano become who he is today, adding special Italian touches to the clothes he designs.

Presence on social media

Stefano Caselli likes to share parts of his life on the internet, like when you share your drawings or pictures with friends. He uses places like Instagram to show the clothes he makes and sometimes fun moments from his day. But he’s only sometimes posting lots of pictures or talking a lot online.

Stefano likes to keep some things private, so he doesn’t share everything. It’s like having an extraordinary diary or a box where you keep your treasures that not everyone can see.

Stefano Caselli Wikipedia

Stefano Caselli doesn’t have his page on Wikipedia, unlike a book about him that you can find on the internet. Like an extensive online library, Wikipedia contains a lot of information. Some people are famous enough to have their own pages, where you can read about their lives, what they do, and other cool facts.

Even though Stefano is a talented fashion designer and was married to a famous actress, you won’t find a page just about him there right now. But you can still learn about him from other places on the web or in magazines.

Legacy and Impacts

Stefano Caselli is like a star in the fashion world because of how he makes clothes. He has shown that you can create beautiful things that people love to wear with hard work and lots of imagination. Stefano’s designs are unique because they make people feel comfortable wearing them.

This has inspired many people to follow their dreams in fashion, just like him. His journey teaches us that it’s essential to do what you love and to share your talents with the world. Stefano’s impact is like a ripple in a pond, touching more and more lives with his creativity.

Future Plans

Stefano Caselli has big dreams for the future. For example, when you imagine becoming an astronaut or a teacher, Stefano thinks about the new clothes he wants to design. He plans to make even more beautiful outfits that people worldwide will love to wear. Stefano also wants to teach others how to design clothes so they can create their styles.

And just like how you look forward to summer vacation, Stefano is excited about working on fun projects and maybe even starting new fashion lines. He believes in dreaming big and working hard to achieve those dreams.


  • Stefano loves drawing. He draws all kinds of things, not just clothes!
  • He enjoys cooking, especially Italian dishes like pizza and pasta. 
  • Going for walks outside is something he does often. He likes being in nature. 
  • Stefano reads lots of books. He learns new things from them. 
  • Playing with his son is one of his favorite things to do. They have lots of fun together.


– **Does Stefano have kids?**
Yes, he has a son with Gemma Arterton.

**What does Stefano do?**
He designs clothes, making him a fashion designer. 

**Is Stefano Catelli famous?**
Yes, he’s known for his fashion designs and his marriage to Gemma Arterton.

**Where is Stefano from?**
He’s from Italy, a place famous for pizza and fashion.

**How tall is Stefano?**
   He is six feet tall, like standing next to a door!

**Can I find Stefano on social media?**
Yes, but he likes to keep some things private. 

**Does Stefano like to cook?**
Yes, especially Italian food like pizza and pasta.


Stefano Caselli is a very talented man who makes beautiful clothes. He’s like a clothing wizard, using his imagination to turn fabric into fashion people love. Even though he’s no longer married to Gemma, he’s a great dad to their son, showing how important family is.

Stefano’s story teaches us to follow our dreams, just like he did with fashion. By working hard and being creative, you can do amazing things and make the world more beautiful. Stefano’s life is like a colorful storybook, full of art, love, and adventure. Remember to dream big and create beautiful things, just like Stefano.

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