Tuki Brando Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Tuki Brando Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Tuki Brando is a famous fashion model from Tahiti, known for his striking looks and impressive modelling career. He was born on June 26 1990, making him 35 years old as of 2024. Tuki is the grandson of legendary actor Marlon Brando and Tahitian actress Tarita Teriipaia. His parents are Cheyenne Brando and Dag Drollet. Tuki has made a name for himself in the fashion industry as the face of Versace menswear. He has also worked with other high-end brands and has millions of dollars in net worth.

Who isTuki Brando?

Tuki Brando is a man who works as a fashion model, which means he gets to wear fancy clothes for his job. He is unique because his grandpa, Marlon Brando, was a famous actor who won a significant award for acting in movies. Tuki’s grandma, Tarita Teriipaia, was also renowned for acting.

Tuki’s mom and dad are Cheyenne Brando and Dag Drollet. He comes from a place called Tahiti, which is very pretty and is part of French Polynesia. Tuki is known for working with a big fashion brand called Versace, where he shows off men’s clothes.

Tuki Brando Biography
Full Biography, Wiki, Bio
Real Name/Full Name Tuki Brando
Profession Model
Famous Model
Age( in April 2024 ) 33 Years
Date Of Birth/ Birthdate June 26,1990
Birthplace Taiwan
Birth Sign Cancer
Nationality/From Taiwan
Gender Male
Height, Weight & More
Height (approx.) In Centimeters – 190 cm
In Meters – 1.90 m
In Feet and Inches – 6’3
Weight (approx.) In Kilogram – 85 kg
In Pounds – 187 lbs

Early Life and Education

Tuki Brando grew up in a beautiful place called Tahiti, which is far away in the ocean. He was born into a family that many people know because they were in movies. He went to school just like you when he was a little boy. Tuki loved learning new things and meeting friends at school.

As he grew, he learned a lot, not just from books but the world around him. His family’s love for acting and fashion helped him decide to become a model. Imagine getting to dress up in cool clothes for your job! Tuki’s school days helped him get ready for that.

Tuki Brando Real name

Tuki Brando’s real name is a secret code that tells us who he is. Like you have a name your parents chose for you, Tuki’s mom and dad picked out his name when he was born. His full name might sound fancy or just like anyone else’s, but it’s special because it’s his.

When we talk about Tuki, we’re talking about someone whose name means something special to his family and reminds us of his famous grandpa, Marlon Brando, and his grandma, Tarita Teriipaia. So, when you hear “Tuki Brando,” remember it’s not just a name; it tells a story about where he comes from.

Tuki Brando Nationality

Tuki Brando was born in a beautiful island place called Tahiti. Tahiti is part of a group of islands known as French Polynesia. This means Tuki is French Polynesian. Imagine living on an island surrounded by the ocean, where every day feels like an adventure.

That’s where Tuki comes from. Because Tahiti is a particular part of France, far away across the sea, Tuki is also connected to France. So, when we think about where Tuki is from, we see he’s French Polynesian. It’s like having a little bit of the island and France together.

Tuki Brando Age, Height, Weight

Tuki Brando was born on June 26, 1990. This means he is 32 years old. When we talk about how tall someone is, we say their height. Tuki is tall and like a basketball player, but instead of playing basketball, he models clothes. We don’t know exactly how tall he is, but in pictures, he looks taller than many people around him. Weight tells us how heavy someone is, but it’s not polite to ask or tell everyone’s weight so we won’t talk about Tuki’s weight. Just remember, Tuki is a grown-up man who is 32 years old and tall.

Height 6 ft 3 in / 190 cm
Weight 187 lb / 85 kg

Tuki Brando’s Parents

Tuki Brando’s mom is Cheyenne Brando. She was beautiful and loved by many. His dad, Dag Drollet, came from the same lovely island as Tuki. They both had essential stories that made Tuki’s life unique. Sadly, Tuki’s mom is not with us anymore, but she left a big piece of her heart with Tuki.

His dad, Dag, also has a story that many people remember. Together, they gave Tuki something significant – a family story full of love, even though it also has some sadness. Tuki carries their passion and story with him on his journey.

Tuki Brando Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Tuki Brando Siblings

Tuki Brando, despite his unique heritage and the spotlight that has followed him due to his famous family, maintains a relatively private life, especially when it comes to his siblings. It’s known that Tuki is not an only child and comes from a more prominent, more prominent family, deeply rooted in Tahitian and Hollywood legacy.

His mother, Cheyenne Brando, was the daughter of Marlon Brando, making Tuki part of a family with a rich, albeit complex, history. Marlon Brando had several children, so Tuki has several half-siblings from his grandfather’s side.

However, specific details about his immediate siblings, including names and ages, are not widely publicized, respecting the family’s desire for privacy. Each member of the Brando family carries a part of this extraordinary legacy in their own way, contributing to the mosaic of stories and talents that define the Brando lineage. Tuki, with his foray into fashion modelling modelling, continues to add to this diverse tapestry, blending the allure of his family’s past with his modern achievements.


Tuki Brando keeps his heart matters very private, so he doesn’t talk much about who he loves or if he has a special someone, like a girlfriend. Like some secrets are kept in a treasure chest, Tuki keeps his love life locked away, only for him to know.

It’s like when you have a best friend and share secrets that nobody else knows. So, whether Tuki has a girlfriend or not is something he has yet to share with the world. It’s his personal treasure chest, and that’s okay because everyone has the right to keep some things to themselves.


Currently, Tuki Brando has yet to share if he has any children. Sometimes, grown-ups like to keep certain parts of their life private, so they don’t tell everyone about it. This is personal; just like you might have a secret clubhouse or a particular drawing, you don’t show everyone.

Tuki has chosen not to talk about this part of his life, so we don’t know if he has kids who would play and laugh like you. But that’s okay! It’s important to respect what people share or not share about their lives.


Tuki Brando is known for being a fashion model. This means he gets to wear cool and fancy clothes for his job. He shows these clothes to people by walking in shows or taking pictures for magazines. One big company he works for is Versace, famous for making lovely clothes.

Tuki’s job is to help them show how good their men’s clothes look. Being a model is exciting because Tuki travels to different places and meets many interesting people. It’s like playing dress-up but as a grown-up and for work!

Tuki Brando Net worth

Tuki Brando has a job as a fashion model, where he gets to show off cool clothes for a brand named Versace. Because of this job, he makes money. People are curious about how much money he has, which is his net worth.

While we have yet to determine the exact amount of funds Tuki has, being a model for a big company means he earns a reasonable amount. But remember, it’s not polite to peek into someone’s wallet or ask them how much money they have. What’s essential is that Tuki works and enjoys his job hard.

Tuki Brando Ethnicity

Tuki Brando has a special mix in his family that makes him unique. His grandpa came from a place called America and was very famous. His grandma was a beautiful actress from Tahiti, a lovely island. This mix makes Tuki American and Tahitian, which is cool because he gets to be part of two different worlds.

It’s like having one foot on a sunny beach in Tahiti and the other in the busy streets of America. This blend of backgrounds makes Tuki unique, just like a recipe with the best ingredients from different places.

Tuki Brando Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Presence on social media

Tuki Brando likes to keep things private, so he only shares a little about his life with everyone. On social media, where people post pictures and stories about what they’re doing, Tuki could be more active. It’s like having a diary and choosing who can read it.

Tuki decides to keep everything private so you can see a few pictures or stories of him. He likes to keep his adventures and thoughts to himself, just like a secret treasure he only knows about. This helps him have a peaceful life without too many people looking in.

Tuki Brando’s Wikipedia

Tuki Brando’s story can also be found on a big Wikipedia website. This website is like a giant online book with information about many people, including Tuki. On his Wikipedia page, you can learn about where he was born, his family, and his work as a model.

It’s written so people who want to know more about Tuki can read his story. But remember, some things about Tuki are not shared to keep his life private. So, while you can learn a lot about him, only some things about him are on the internet.

Legacy and Impacts

Tuki Brando is unique because he carries a big story with him. He is part of a famous family, with a grandpa and grandma who were stars. But Tuki is making his mark in the world, not just because of his family.

By being a fashion model and working with Versace, he shows that you can create your path, even if you come from a well-known family. He helps people see that following your dreams and being yourself is good. This teaches us that we can all make our own stories, just like Tuki does with his life.

Future Plans

Tuki Brando has many dreams he might want to chase. When you think about what you want to be growing up, Tuki also has plans for his future. He may want to model for more big companies or have new adventures he’s dreaming about. He could also help people learn more about fashion or even start making his clothes.

What’s sure is that Tuki will keep working hard and following his dreams, just like you should with yours. It’s exciting to think about what he will do next!


  • – Taking pictures of beautiful places .
  • Playing with dogs and other pets .
  • Learning to cook yummy foods .
  • Reading books about adventures .
  • Going on hikes to see nature .
  • Listening to music and dancing .
  • Drawing and painting pictures.


How old is Tuki Brando?
He is 32 years old. 

What does Tuki Brando do?
He is a fashion model.

Who are Tuki Brando’s famous grandparents?
His grandpa is Marlon Brando, a famous actor; his grandma is Tarita Teriipaia, an actress. 

Does Tuki Brando have any brothers or sisters?
Yes, he has siblings, but their names and details are private. 

Is Tuki Brando on social media?
He likes to keep his life private to be more active on social media. 

Where is Tuki Brando from?
He is from Tahiti in French Polynesia, which makes him French Polynesian.


So, Tuki Brando’s story is incredible. He’s from a famous family but makes his way by being a model. He wears fabulous clothes for work and gets to travel. We learned he likes to keep some things private, like who he loves and if he has kids, which is okay.

Tuki’s mix of Tahitian and American makes him unique, and he’s showing everyone that it’s great to be yourself and follow your dreams. Even though we have yet to learn about his future or hobbies, Tuki is doing amazing things and will keep inspiring people.

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