Alice Redlips Bio/Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth,

 Alice Redlips Bio/Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth,


Alice Redlips is a rising star in the Czech entertainment industry. She’s won over audiences with her captivating performances. Born on 14 March 1997 in Prague, Czech Republic, Alice has always had a passion for acting and modeling. This blog post will explore Alice Redlips’ bio/wiki, age, career, family, and net worth.

Who is Alice Redlips

Alice Redlips is a rising star in the Czech Republic’s entertainment scene. She is known for her remarkable skills in acting and modeling. Alice has a lot of talent. She has shown her skill on many platforms. And, she has become a beloved figure among audiences and critics. Her career is marked by a series of acclaimed roles. They show her ability to bring depth and truth to her characters. Alice’s work in film and TV shows her unwavering commitment to her art. This makes her a rising name in entertainment.

Relationship status: Taken
Interested in: Guys.
Net Worth: $800,000
City and Country: Praga, Czech Republic
Gender: Couple
Birthplace: Czech Republic
Measurements: 36-28-36
Height: 5′ 6″ (167cm)
Weight: 121lbs. (55kg)
Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Blonde

Early Life and Education

Alice Redlips grew up in Prague. She found her calling in the spotlight early. She acted and modeled during her formative years. Her passion led her to the famous Prague Film School. It was a stepping stone. It gave her the skills to navigate the tough entertainment industry. This educational journey was key. It shaped her into the accomplished artist she is today.

Alice Redlips Real Name

She’s widely celebrated as Alice Redlips. But, she was born Alice Kolarova. She’s a talented actress and model. She chose a stage name inspired by her love of red lipstick during performances. It has become linked with her lively presence both on and off the screen. This unique blend of personal flair and professional excellence sets Alice apart. It makes her stage name a memorable emblem of her artistic identity.

Alice Redlips Nationality

Alice Redlips is a proud national of the Czech Republic. She has roots in this Central European country. It has pretty landscapes and a rich history. Her nationality gives her a unique perspective and artistic expression. It is key in how she connects with her audience and characters. Alice is Czech. She brings a unique flavor to her roles. Alice shows the diverse essence of Czech culture. She also adds to its representation in the global entertainment scene.

Alice Redlips Age, Height, Physical Appearance

Alice Redlips, having entered the world on 14 March 1997, is currently 26 years old. She stands tall at 5 feet 7 inches, complementing her distinct physical appearance. Alice is known for her striking features. Her presence is as commanding off-screen as on. It is characterized by her expressive eyes and the red lips that inspired her stage name. Her special beauty and style made her a fan favorite. They also helped her succeed in modeling and acting. In those fields, looks play a key role.

 Alice Redlips Bio/Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth,

Parents and Siblings

Alice Redlips is blessed with a familial circle that has been her backbone through the highs and lows of her career. Details about her parents and siblings are closely guarded. But, they are known to have been a constant source of support and encouragement. Her family’s unwavering support has been crucial.

It has helped her in her journey through the entertainment industry. It gave her the strength and confidence to chase her dreams and achieve her goals. Alice is private. She keeps specifics about her family out of the public eye. This underscores her desire to keep a clear boundary between her work and personal life.

Alice Redlips Career

Alice Redlips started her entertainment journey early. She established herself in the Czech entertainment scene. She appeared in commercials and local TV shows. Her undeniable talent quickly propelled her into the spotlight, leading to significant roles in films and television series.

She has captivated audiences with her on-screen presence and dedication to her roles. Alice has carved out a sizable niche in the industry. Her career path shows a mix of modeling and acting jobs. It highlights her versatility and commitment to her craft. Alice has grown a dedicated fanbase and gotten acclaim through her performances. This has made her a prominent figure in Czech entertainment.

 Alice Redlips Bio/Wiki, Age, Career, Family, Net Worth,

Alice Redlips Net Worth

Alice Redlips’ financial achievements reflect her burgeoning career in the entertainment industry. Exact numbers are secret. But, her work in acting and modeling has certainly boosted her net worth. She has been consistently present in high-profile projects.

This hints at her prosperous career path. It fuels speculation that her finances are impressive and rising. This wealth accumulation is a testament to her talent, hard work, and success in her field.

Alice Redlips Boyfriend

Alice Redlips maintains a high degree of privacy in her personal life, particularly regarding heart matters. She has not shared details about her dating life with the public or the media. She clearly separates her professional and private life.

This lets her navigate her rising career. It spares her the extra scrutiny that public relationships often face. This decision shows her commitment. She wants to focus on her growth and art in entertainment.


Alice Redlips has not taken on the role of motherhood at this point in her life. Her primary focus remains on her blossoming career within the entertainment sector. This dedication to her career shows her commitment. She is focused on growing her achievements and impact in acting and modeling.

Alice Redlips Ethnicity

Alice Redlips, with her roots deeply entrenched in the Czech Republic, belongs to the Czech ethnic group. Her ethnicity reflects her homeland’s rich cultural heritage. It is a tapestry of traditions. Her background influences her art.

It adds a unique layer to her performances. This allows her to bring a nuanced view to her roles. Alice is Czech. Her ethnicity is key to her identity. It shapes her work and how she connects with her audience.

Alice Redlips On Social Media

Alice Redlips is active on many social media platforms. She engages with her fans and shares glimpses of her work and personal life. Her social media presence has greatly improved her connection with her audience. It lets her share updates, behind-the-scenes content, and join trending conversations.

Her social media accounts are vital for building her brand. They also inform her followers about her latest ventures in entertainment. Through her posts, stories, and interactions, Alice fosters a lively community. Her supporters eagerly follow her journey.

Legacy and Impacts

Alice Redlips’ influence goes beyond her captivating performances. It marks her as pivotal in Czech entertainment. In her roles, she has raised the visibility of Czech culture worldwide. She has also helped people appreciate it.  She can portray complex characters.

Her skill has inspired a new generation of aspiring actors and models. Her work entertains, challenges, and engages audiences. It fosters a deeper connection with the arts. Alice’s impact is a testament to her passion and creativity. It solidified her legacy in the industry.

Alice Redlips Wikipedia

As of now, Alice Redlips still needs a dedicated Wikipedia page. She’s becoming a big name in the Czech entertainment industry. Her work in acting and modeling may soon earn her recognition. Wikipedia entries are made when people become famous in their field. This suggests that an official Wikipedia article could come as Alice’s career grows.


  • When not captivating audiences, Alice Redlips indulges in hobbies.
  • They reflect her artistic and adventurous spirit.
  • She is very interested in photography. She often captures the beauty of her travels.
  • She also captures the subtleties of everyday life through her lens.
  • Additionally, Alice loves painting. It’s a hobby that allows her to express her emotions and views in a colorful, tangible form.
  • Fitness is crucial to her. She stays active and connected to nature with yoga and hiking.
  • These hobbies complement her creative career. They provide a balanced and enriching personal life.


 How can I follow Alice Redlips on social media?
Alice is active on several social media platforms. Exact handles are not provided. But, a quick search on popular social media sites should lead you to her official accounts. There, she shares updates and chats with her fans.

Has Alice Redlips won any awards for her acting?
Information on awards or nominations has not been mentioned. But, her star is rising. The industry could soon give her the acclaim she deserves.

 Is Alice Redlips involved in any philanthropic activities?
Specific details about philanthropy are not given. But, people in the spotlight often do charity, either publicly or privately. These questions capture just a glimpse of the curiosity about Alice Redlips. They show her growing influence and interest in her budding career.


In sum, Alice Redlips rose in the Czech entertainment world.  She has been an actress and model. Her work has shown Czech culture to the world. It has inspired many to pursue their dreams with passion. Her career is on a promising path. She keeps her personal life private. Alice is a beacon for aspiring artists. Her story is vivid. It reminds us of the impact of hard work and realness in the always changing entertainment world.

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