Lindberg Mescudi Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Lindberg Mescudi Net worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Children, Bio/wiki

Lindberg Mescudi, the late father of popular rapper Kid Cudi, was a key figure in his son’s artistic journey. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Lindberg Mescudi played an influential role in shaping his son’s career as a rapper, actor, record producer, and fashion designer.

He was born on June 21, 1927, and passed away at the age of 68 in 1995. Despite his untimely death, Lindberg’s legacy continues through his son’s success in the entertainment industry.

Who is Lindberg Mescudi ?

Lindberg Mescudi was a special person because he was Kid Cudi’s dad. Kid Cudi is famous for making music and acting in movies. Lindberg lived in Cleveland, Ohio, and he helped his son become who he is today. Even though Lindberg is not with us anymore, his son keeps making art and music that people enjoy.

Lindberg showed his son how to be creative and follow his dreams. This made a big difference in Kid Cudi’s life. Lindberg’s story helps us understand more about where Kid Cudi gets his talent from.

Early Life and Education

Lindberg Mescudi grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, a big city with lots of people and buildings. As a young boy, he went to school just like you. While we don’t know the name of his school, we imagine he learned to read, write, and do math. School was important to help him grow up smart and ready for the world.

Lindberg probably played with his friends and learned many lessons that helped him become a good father to his son, Kid Cudi, later on. Education was a big part of his early life, setting the foundation for everything that came after.

Real name

Lindberg Mescudi’s full name when he was born was Lindberg Styles Mescudi. It’s a special name that has parts from different family names put together. Lindberg was named after important people or ideas that meant a lot to his family.

Just like when you have a toy or a pet, and you give it a name that you really like or that means something special to you, that’s what Lindberg’s family did with his name. It’s a unique name for a unique person in his family’s life.

Lindberg Mescudi Nationality

Lindberg Mescudi was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. This means he was American. Just like you might be from a place where you were born, Lindberg was from America because he was born there. When we talk about someone’s nationality, we’re saying where they come from.

So, when we say Lindberg Mescudi was American, we are telling you he comes from the United States. This is the country he lived in and was a part of.

Lindberg Mescudi Age, Height, Weight

Lindberg Mescudi was born a long time ago, in 1927. This means he was 68 years old when he passed away in 1995. We don’t know exactly how tall he was or how much he weighed, but those details are less important than the kind of person he was and the influence he had on his son, Kid Cudi.

What really matters is how he helped shape his son’s music and art, making him the star we know today. Lindberg’s life story tells us more about who he was beyond just numbers like his age, height, and weight.

Lindberg Mescudi’s Parents

Lindberg Mescudi’s mom and dad were very special to him. They loved him a lot. We don’t have their names, but they must have been kind because Lindberg grew up to be a good person. They lived in Cleveland, Ohio, where Lindberg was born. His parents helped him learn and grow.

Lindberg Mescudi

Even when he became a dad to Kid Cudi, he remembered what his mom and dad taught him. Lindberg’s parents are important because they helped him become who he was. They are part of the story, just like Lindberg is part of Kid Cudi’s story.

Lindberg Mescudi Siblings

Lindberg Mescudi had brothers and sisters, just like many of us do. They grew up together, sharing toys and playing games. We don’t know their names or how many he had, but having siblings means you always have friends at home. They probably laughed a lot, helped each other with homework, and had fun times together.

Siblings are special because they share a lot of memories from when they were little. Lindberg’s brothers and sisters were a big part of his life, just like he is a big part of Kid Cudi’s story.


Lindberg Mescudi was married to a wonderful lady. She was Kid Cudi’s mom. Together, they shared a lot of happy moments. They loved each other very much and their love helped make their home a happy place for their children. We don’t have her name, but she played a big role in their family.

She was there to see Kid Cudi grow up and become famous. Just like Lindberg, she helped Kid Cudi believe in his dreams. She was very important to both Lindberg and Kid Cudi.


Lindberg Mescudi was a dad to a very famous person, Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi makes music and acts in movies. Lots of people know him, and he has many fans. Being a dad, Lindberg taught Kid Cudi many things. These lessons helped Kid Cudi become who he is today.

Lindberg didn’t just teach Kid Cudi about music but about life, too. Having a caring dad like Lindberg was special for Kid Cudi. He remembers his dad and everything he learned from him. Lindberg’s love and lessons are a big reason Kid Cudi can make so many people happy with his songs and movies.


Lindberg Mescudi worked hard in his job to take care of his family. He didn’t have a job like being a famous singer or actor, but what he did was important. Lindberg made sure his family had what they needed. He showed his son, Kid Cudi, that working hard is good.

Even though we have yet to determine exactly what his job was, Lindberg was a great example for Kid Cudi. He taught him never to give up and always do his best. Lindberg’s work helped his family be happy and stay together.

Net worth

Talking about money can be tricky, especially when we talk about someone who lived a while ago, like Lindberg Mescudi. We are still determining exactly how much money he had. Remember, Lindberg wasn’t famous like his son, Kid Cudi, but he worked hard to take care of his family.

People’s worth isn’t just about how much money they have. Lindberg was very valuable to his family because of his love and lessons, not because of money. His real treasure was being a great dad to Kid Cudi and helping him become the star he is today.

Lindberg Mescudi’s Ethnicity

Lindberg Mescudi’s family came from a mix of different places in the world. This mix is called ethnicity. It’s like when you have a smoothie made from different fruits. Each fruit adds its flavor. In the same way, Lindberg’s family background made him unique.

We don’t know all the details about where his family was from, but we do know they were special. Just like you and your family might come from different places, Lindberg’s family did, too. This mix made Lindberg and his son, Kid Cudi, who they are today.

Presence on social media

Lindberg Mescudi lived a long time ago before things like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook were made. So, he didn’t have a chance to share pictures or stories online like we do today. Remember, back in Lindberg’s days, people didn’t have smartphones or computers to post selfies or chat with friends far away.

They talked face-to-face or wrote letters that took days to reach someone. Even though Lindberg isn’t around to have a social media page, his son, Kid Cudi, talks about him and shares his love for him on the internet, keeping his memory alive for all of us to see.

Lindberg Mescudi Wikipedia

Lindberg Mescudi doesn’t have his page on Wikipedia like some famous people do. Wikipedia is a big online place where you can learn lots of things about many people, but only some are there. Even though Lindberg isn’t on Wikipedia, we can still learn about him through stories and things his son, Kid Cudi, shares.

It’s a way to keep his memory alive. If you want to know about Lindberg, you might not find him on Wikipedia, but you can still hear about the wonderful things he did as a dad and person from his son and the family.

Legacy and Impacts

Lindberg Mescudi was a very important person to his son, Kid Cudi. Because of him, Kid Cudi learned how to be strong and work hard. Lindberg taught Kid Cudi to always believe in himself and to follow his dreams. Even though Lindberg isn’t here anymore, his teachings live on through Kid Cudi’s music and movies.

People all over the world listen to Kid Cudi and feel happy or understood. That’s a big deal. It shows that being a kind and loving dad, like Lindberg was, can change the world in good ways. This is how Lindberg made a big splash, just like throwing a stone into a pond.

Future Plans

Since Lindberg Mescudi has passed away, he doesn’t have plans like we do. But the love and lessons he gave his son, Kid Cudi, keep moving forward like a bright light. Kid Cudi uses what his dad taught him to make music that touches people’s hearts.

So, Lindberg’s kindness and teachings are still traveling into the future, helping others feel better and dream big. It’s like Lindberg is still here, in the good things happening because of his love.


  • Lindberg Mescudi liked to do fun things when he was not working. 
  • He enjoyed painting beautiful pictures with bright colors. 
  • Lindberg loved to listen to music, just like his son, Kid Cudi, does now. 
  • He was good at gardening and growing flowers and vegetables in his backyard. 
  • Playing chess was one of his favorite games; he thought it was fun to think of smart moves. 
  • Lindberg liked to read books, learning new things from stories and adventures. 
  • He also spent time fixing things around the house, making everything work well for his family.


– Who was Lindberg Mescudi?
He was Kid Cudi’s dad. 

Did Lindberg Mescudi have a job?
Yes, he worked hard, but we need to find out what his job was. 

How many kids did Lindberg have?
He had children, including Kid Cudi. 

Was Lindberg Mescudi on social media?
No, he lived before social media was around.

Did Lindberg Mescudi like hobbies?
Yes, he liked painting, gardening, and playing chess.

Where was Lindberg Mescudi from?
He was born in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Did Lindberg have siblings?
Yes, he had brothers and sisters.

How old was Lindberg Mescudi when he passed away?
He was 68 years old.


In the end, Lindberg Mescudi was more than just Kid Cudi’s dad. He showed us how being a loving parent can help your children reach their dreams. Lindberg taught Kid Cudi to be strong and to believe in himself. Even though Lindberg is not with us anymore, his lessons and love live on through Kid Cudi’s music and movies.

This tells us that one person’s kindness can touch many hearts and make the world a better place. Lindberg Mescudi will always be remembered for the wonderful dad he was and the positive changes he made.

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