BubbleBratz Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family, Net worth

 BubbleBratz Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family, Net worth

Meet the bubbly BubbleBratz, also known as Maddie May. She’s a 25-year-old American model and TikTok star. She’s taken the internet by storm. Her charm and fun content have won over many hearts. She has an infectious personality. This blog post will look at Bubble Bratz’s bio/wiki. It will cover her age, height, career, family, and net worth. Get ready to dive into the world of this rising star and learn more about her journey to success.

Who is BubbleBratz?

BubbleBratz, known offscreen as Maddie May, is a lively American model. She is a TikTok sensation. Bubble has won wide praise for her vibrant and engaging online presence. She is just 25. She has made herself beloved on social media.

Her charm and playfulness have made her well-known. It’s aptly named after her TikTok handle, Bubble Bratz. She makes comedic skits. She also showcases fashion. It entertains a diverse audience. It offers a glimpse into her unique and colorful world.

Full Name Maddie May
Nickname Bubble Bratz
Profession Model and TikTok Star
Date of Birth February 2, 1999
BubbleBratz Age 25 years
Birthplace United States
Hometown United States
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Height 161 cm (5 feet 3 inches)
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Figure Size Bust – 36, Waist – 26, Hips – 38 inches
Shoe Size 7 (US)
Marital Status Single
Husband Not Known
Affairs/Boyfriends Not Known
Net Worth $100,000 dollars

Early Life and Education

BubbleBratz, or Maddie May outside her online persona, grew up in the United States. She was in a creative and supportive environment from a young age. Her love for entertainment and fashion was clear early on. It led her to join many school activities that honed her art skills. Specific details about her education are private.

But, her experiences in those years played a big role in shaping her. They made her into the vibrant creator we see today. She had a private education. It likely included things. They helped her skills in making digital content. It also helped her understand modeling.

Bubble Bratz Real Name

Her birth name is Maddie May, and she is known as the woman behind the moniker Bubble Bratz. This name was her introduction to the world. She adopted her vibrant alter ego, BubbleBratz, for her online persona. She carved out her space on social media.

Maddie May became known for the playful character. She was also energetic. Fans love and support it. Her real name grounds her in truth. Her stage name is Bubble Bratz. It captures the spirit of her online presence.

Bubble Bratz Nationality

BubbleBratz’s real-life identity is Maddie May. She is proud of her heritage as an American. Bubble was born and raised in the United States. She is American. Her nationality reflects the diverse culture. This has surely shaped her content.

It has also shaped her persona. She is American. Bubble brings a special mix of humor, style, and creativity. She shares it with her global audience on social media. This makes her relatable to fans at home and abroad.

BubbleBratz Age, Height, Weight

Bubble Bratz is shining in the limelight at age 25. She is tall. Her height complements her modeling career. Her exact height and weight are kept private. But, her striking looks add to her dynamic presence.

She has it on and off the screen. Her figure and lively personality are pivotal to her appeal to a wide audience. They make her a unique figure in the digital and fashion world.

 BubbleBratz Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family, Net worth

parents and Siblings

Bubble Bratz’s family details are private. They include her parents and siblings. She has chosen to keep her personal life out of the limelight. This includes information about her family. This decision helps keep a clear boundary.

It separates her public persona from her private life. Fans often wonder about the people who played a big role in the lives of their favorite stars. Bubble Bratz chose to keep this secret. It respects the privacy of her loved ones. It also lets her audience to focus more on her content and achievements.


Bubble Bratz’s career took off on TikTok. The content was engaging and creative. It attracted a huge following. Her versatility as a content creator helped. She showcased fashion and beauty tips. She also did humorous skits. This cemented her as a social media influencer. She has expanded beyond TikTok. It is now on other platforms. It does brand collaborations.

She uses her online popularity. Bubble uses it to build a complex career. She can connect with audiences. She also understands current trends. This has made her a sought-after figure in digital marketing.

BubbleBratz Net Worth

Bubble Bratz’s net worth is a topic of much speculation among her fans. She has had a successful career as a TikTok star and model. The exact figures remain undisclosed. Estimates place her net worth at $200,000. Her earnings from social media jobs form the basis of the estimate.

It also includes earnings from brand deals. She has a growing modeling career. Her success with money shows her hard work. It also shows her creativity and strong bond with her audience.

 BubbleBratz Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family, Net worth

Bubble Bratz boyfriends

Bubble Bratz has kept her personal life private. This includes her romantic relationships. People are curious about her dating life. But, she’s chosen not to share details about her boyfriend, if she has one. This discretion lets her focus on her career and content. It ensures that her fans focus on her work, not her life.


Bubble Bratz, also known as Maddie May, has not publicly said if she has children. She keeps details about potential offspring out of the spotlight. This is like much of her personal life. This allows her to focus on her work and online persona.

This fits her preference for privacy. She wants it about her family and close relationships. It shows a boundary she sets. It’s between her public image and personal life.

Bubble Bratz’s Impact and Legacy

BubbleBratz has left an indelible mark on the web. She inspired a generation. Bubble did it with her creativity and truth. She has created a community. It values self-expression and positivity. She did this with fun content. Bubble also had a lively personality.

She influences more than entertainment. Bubble challenges norms. She tells her audience to embrace their uniqueness. BubbleBratz’s legacy is one of power. It is also one of innovation. It shows that anyone can make a big impact today’s digital world. They can do it with passion and persistence.

 BubbleBratz Bio/Wiki, Age, Height, Career, Family, Net worth

BubbleBratz Ethnicity

BubbleBratz’s real name is Maddie May. Her heritage reflects the mix of the United States. Her ethnicity is not known. But, her background has made her dynamic and easy to relate to. This resonates with a diverse audience globally.

She can connect with people from many cultures. This shows her content and persona have wide appeal. They have appeal to everyone.


No one has made a dedicated Wikipedia page for BubbleBratz. They are also called Maddie May. Despite her big impact on social media and rising fame. But, she still lacks formal recognition through a Wikipedia entry.

The absence shows that digital fame is temporary. It also shows the criteria for being notable. This is for in encyclopedias. Fans and followers seek detailed info about her life and career. Bubble should follow her social media profiles. They are official. They have the latest info.

Awards and Achievements

The specific awards and achievements of Bubble Bratz, also known as Maddie May, might need more proof. They are from traditional ceremonies and competitions. But, she has many accomplishments in digital. They speak volumes. Her following is rapidly growing. Engagement rates on platforms like TikTok show her success as an influencer. Brand partnerships recognize her.

They see her positive impact on her audience. These things prove her achievements in the online community. They are her milestones. However, no formal awards highlight her influence. They also do not highlight her contribution to digital entertainment and fashion.


  • Bubble Bratz, also known as Maddie May, indulges in many hobbies.
  • She shows her lively personality. Bubble is creative. She loves fashion deeply.
  • She often tries different styles and trends to show her unique self.
  • Photography is another passion. It lets her capture the beauty around her and share these views with her followers.
  • Additionally, she enjoys traveling. She seeks new experiences and inspiration from other cultures.
  • These hobbies enrich her personal life. They fuel her content. They add depth and variety to her online presence.


Is BubbleBratz her real name?
No, her real name is Maddie May. But, people know her as Bubble Bratz.

How old is BubbleBratz?
She is 25 years old.

Does BubbleBratz have any children?
There are no public records or mentions of her having children.

What is BubbleBratz’s net worth?
Exact figures are not disclosed. Estimates suggest she may be worth hundreds of thousands.

Who is BubbleBratz dating?
She has chosen to keep her personal and romantic life private. There is no public information on her dating.


Bubble Bratz, also known as Maddie May, has had a vibrant journey. She has the spirit of modern digital creativity. Bubble Bratz also has entrepreneurial flair. She has a dynamic presence on TikTok. Bubble Bratz has also done modeling and brand partnerships. She has navigated the digital world with clear impact. Her story is about passion, perseverance, and the power of being true to oneself. Bubble Bratz continues to inspire and entertain. Her influence shows our potential to make our paths and leave a mark on the world.

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