Queen Rogue Age, Height, Net worth, Family, Bio, Career

Queen Rogue Age, Height, Net worth, Family, Bio, Career

 Today, we will talk about the talented actress and model Amhyra Shy. At just 24 years old, she has already achieved great success in her career. Amhyra stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs around 114 pounds, making her a perfect example of beauty with brains.

She has a net worth of $100,000, which she earned through hard work and dedication. Although there is not much known about her personal life, one thing is for sure: Amhyra is a mystery book that only she can read.

Who is Amhyra Shy?

Amhyra Shy is a very talented lady who acts in movies and models for magazines. She grew up in a country called Hungary, which is a special place in Europe. Amhyra is not just good at pretending to be different people in movies but also looks beautiful in the clothes she models.

She has a big love for drawing, going on adventures outside, and playing with her dog. People enjoy watching her in movies and seeing her pictures. She’s worked hard to become good at what she does, and many people think she’s fantastic.

Category Details
Name Amhyra Shy
Profession Actress & Model
Nick Name / Stage Name Amhyra
Born (Date of Birth) Update soon
Amhyra Shy Age (as 2024) 24 years old
Nationality Hungarian
Birthplace Hungary
Hobbies/Habits/Interests Traveling, Shopping, Selfie Lover, Dog Lover, Internet Surfing
Favorite Clothing Brands Calvin Klein, LOUIS VUITTON, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss & Co.
Favorite Gadgets Smartphone, Digital Camera, Smart Watch, Laptop
Food Habit Non-Vegetarian
Marital Status Unmarried
Affair/Boyfriend Not Known
Husband/Spouse Not Known
Height – 168 cm
– 1.68 m
– 5 ft 6 in
Weight – 52 KG
– 114 lbs (pounds)
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Black
Figure Size 33B-24-34
Dress Size 36 (EU)
Shoe (Feet) Size 7
Tattoos Yes
Distinctive Features Attractive Figure & Confidence
Years Active 2023 – Present
Net Worth (approx.) $100K USD

Early Life and Education 

Amhyra Shy grew up in Hungary, a beautiful place with lots of history. When she was a little girl, just like you, she went to school every day. There, she learned reading, writing, and many other things. Amhyra also discovered she loved acting and being in plays.

This is where her dream of becoming an actress started. She practiced a lot, always trying to be the best she could. The school was not just about books for Amhyra; it was also where she learned to chase her dreams and be creative, just like when you draw or play pretend.

Real name 

Amhyra Shy has a name that sounds like it comes from a storybook, but it’s not the name her parents gave her when she was a baby. Her real name is a little secret that she keeps to herself.

Like superheroes have their everyday name, and then their hero name, Amhyra has a memorable name everyone knows and another name just for her and her family. It’s like having a magic word that only you know!

Amhyra Shy Nationality 

Amhyra Shy comes from a place called Hungary. It’s a country far away in Europe. Imagine a land filled with beautiful sights, yummy foods, and exciting stories. That’s where she’s from! Being Hungarian is a particular part of her, like carrying a piece of her home wherever she goes.

Just like you might have a favorite place where you feel happy and safe, Hungary is that place for Amhyra. It helps make her who she is, adding colors to her life’s painting.

Amhyra Shy Age, Height, Weight

Amhyra Shy is 24 years old, which is like counting up to 24 with your fingers, but you might need to borrow some extra hands! She’s as tall as a basketball hoop when you’re standing close to it, at 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Amhyra weighs about the same as a big, fluffy dog, 114 pounds or 52 kilograms. Just like when you play with your pet, she fits her height. Imagine if you stacked lots of miniature books; that’s how tall she is! And if you lifted your big pet dog, that’s how much she weighs.

Age 24 years old
Height – 168 cm
– 1.68 m
– 5 ft 6 in
Weight – 52 KG
– 114 lbs (pounds)

Amhyra Shy Parents 

Amhyra Shy has a mom and a dad, but she doesn’t talk about them much. Just like she keeps secrets about her brothers and sisters, she does the same with her mom and dad. We need to find out their names and what they do.

Maybe her mom is where she got her beauty, and perhaps her dad taught her to be strong. They must be very proud of all the acting and modeling Amhyra does. She likes to keep her family life a secret story that only she knows.

Amhyra Shy Siblings 

Amhyra Shy has brothers and sisters but doesn’t talk much about them. She keeps her family private, like in a game where some pieces are hidden. She may have a big family, like a team, or just a few brothers and sisters.

But they must be proud of her for being such a good actress and model. Sometimes, keeping family details secret is like having a unique treasure chest that only you know what’s inside.


Amhyra Shy likes to keep some parts of her life just for herself, including whether she has a boyfriend. It’s like when you have a secret that you only want to share with your best friend. She thinks having some privacy is essential, which means keeping some things between her and the people she trusts the most.

So, we don’t know if she has a special someone in her life right now. It’s a part of her story that she hasn’t shared with the world yet.


Amhyra Shy doesn’t have any children. She spends her time acting in movies, modeling, and doing things she loves, like drawing, hiking, and cooking.

Amhyra also enjoys playing with her dog and swimming. With all these activities, she’s now busy and focused on her career and hobbies.


Amhyra Shy is very good at acting and modeling. She started when she was a little younger and is now in movies and magazines. People love watching her because she’s good at pretending to be different characters. When she models, she wears beautiful clothes and shows them to the world.

Amhyra works hard every day to be better at her job. She learns new things to help her act and model better. Everyone who watches her movies or sees her pictures can tell she loves what she does.

Amhyra Shy Net worth

Amhyra Shy has saved up a lot of money from acting and modeling. Think of it like this: if you saved all your allowance and birthday money for a long time, that’s what she did with her job. Now, she has about as much money as $100,000 in her piggy bank.

That’s a considerable amount! She can buy lots of things with that money, but she gets it by working hard and being good at what she does. It shows us that saving and being good at your job can help you earn and save a lot of money.

Queen Rogue Age, Height, Net worth, Family, Bio, Career

Amhyra Shy Ethnicity 

Amhyra Shy comes from a beautiful country in Europe: Hungary. This country is known for its pretty landscapes, delicious foods, and rich history. People from there have their unique traditions and culture. Amhyra is proud of where she comes from.

Her background adds a unique piece to her identity, like a colorful quilt. She shares her life through acting and modeling, bringing bits of Hungary to everyone she meets.

Presence on social media 

Amhyra Shy loves sharing pictures and stories on social media. She uses it to show what’s happening in her life, like her acting, modeling, and the fun things she does every day. You can see photos of her adventures, the places she visits, and the fun times with her friends. It’s like a colorful diary that everyone can read.

If you’re curious about her drawings, cooking, or where she goes hiking, social media is the place to look.  

Amhyra Shy Wikipedia 

Amhyra Shy still needs to get her page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is like a big online book where you can learn about many different things and people. Only some have a page there. It’s usually for those who have done lots of very famous work.

But Amhyra is doing amazing things in acting and modeling. Maybe soon, she will have a page there, too. People worldwide could read about her adventures and how she inspires others with her work and hobbies.

Legacy and Impacts 

Amhyra Shy is showing everyone that you can do amazing things if you work hard and be kind. She’s an actress and model from Hungary, but she’s also much more. Through her movies and modeling, she inspires people to follow their dreams like she does.

Amhyra also loves drawing, hiking, and cooking, which shows us that having fun and enjoying different hobbies is essential. She teaches us to be brave, try new things, and care for our friends and the world. Her story helps others believe in themselves and aim for the stars.

Future plans 

Amhyra Shy has big dreams for the future! She wants to act in more movies and be a model for big fashion shows worldwide. She also hopes to travel to new places, meet new friends, and learn about different cultures. Amhyra plans to keep drawing and maybe even have an art show one day.

She’s excited to try more cooking recipes and share them with her friends and family. Amhyra looks forward to doing more of what she loves and making the world happier with her talents and kindness.


  •  Amhyra loves to draw. She makes pictures of animals and flowers.
  •  She enjoys reading books. Fairy tales and adventure stories are her favorites. 
  • Amhyra likes to go hiking. She explores mountains and forests with her friends. 
  • She has fun playing with her dog in the park. 
  • Cooking new recipes is something she does for fun. She tries to make tasty dishes from different countries.
  • Amhyra also likes swimming. She swims in the pool to stay cool in the summer.


– **How old is Amhyra Shy?**
She is 24 years old. –

**Where is Amhyra from?**
She is from Hungary. –

**How tall is Amhyra?**
She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. –

**Does Amhyra have a boyfriend?**
It’s a secret she hasn’t told anyone. –

**What does Amhyra like to do for fun?**
She loves drawing, reading, hiking, playing with her dog, cooking, and swimming. 

**How much money does Amhyra have?**
She has about $100,000.


In the end, Amhyra Shy is a very talented lady from Hungary. She acts, models, and does lots of fun stuff. Even though she’s only 24, she has done many amazing things! She’s got a big heart for adventure, loves her dog, and enjoys making art.

Amhyra keeps some things private, like if she has a boyfriend, and that’s okay. She shows us that working hard and doing what you love can lead to great success. Let’s keep watching to see all the incredible things Amhyra will do next!

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