Ella Eva Mireles Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Children, Career, Bio/wiki

Meet Ella Eva Mireles, a 79-year-old retired Rachal, Texas, U.S.A teacher. She was born on July 19, 1944, and has led a successful career as an educator. Her hard work and dedication have accumulated a net worth throughout her life.

Standing tall at 5’4″, she has a loving family that includes her children and parents, Eva Mireles. Her story inspires and perseveres as she has touched the lives of countless students throughout her teaching career.

Who is Ella Eva Mireles?

Ella Eva Mireles is a kind and smart lady who used to be a teacher. She spent her days teaching many children in Rachal, Texas.

She was born on a warm summer day, July 19, 1944. Ella loves to share knowledge and has always wanted to help others learn new things. She is a mom and has a family she cares a lot about. Her own mom’s name is Eva Mireles. Ella is now enjoying her time after many years of being a teacher, having fun and living happily.

Quick Facts About Ella Eva Mireles
Full Name Ella Eva Mireles
Birthdate July 19, 1944
Occupation Teacher
Husband/Wife Ella Eva Mireles Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Children, Career, Bio/wiki

Enrique Longoria Jr.

Education Not Known
Age Deceased (passed away in 2008)
Parents Juan Mireles and Eva Salinas
Grandchildren Bethany Mikaela Blevins, Briella Megan Blevins
Children Esmeralda Josephina Longoria, Emily Jeannette Longoria, Eva Longoria, Elizabeth Judina Longoria

Early Life and Education

Ella Eva Mireles grew up in a small town called Rachal in the big state of Texas. As a little girl, she loved books and learning new things daily. She went to a school nearby where she made many friends and discovered her love for teaching others.

Ella worked hard in school because she knew she wanted to be a teacher when she grew up. After finishing high school, she went to college to learn how to be the best teacher she could be. This is where her journey to becoming a wonderful teacher started.

Real name

Ella Eva Mireles might sound like a name from a storybook, but it’s her real name. Sometimes, people have two first names, and Ella Eva is one of them.

Just like some people have a middle name, she has a special name because it’s shared with her mom, Eva Mireles. This makes her name even more special because it keeps her family’s story alive in her every day. When she writes her name or hears it, she remembers her family and how much she loves them.

Ella Eva Mireles  Nationality

Ella Eva Mireles is from Rachal, Texas, meaning she is American. The United States of America is a big country with many states, and Texas is one of them.

Being American means, Ella lives in a country known for its love of freedom and bravery. America has people from all different parts of the world, making it a special place with many other stories. E is part of this wonderful mix, sharing her own unique story as an American.

Ella Eva Mireles Parents

Ella Eva Mireles has a special person: her mom, Eva Mireles. Just like Ella, Eva is a big part of her story. Ella’s mom taught her many things and always loved her very much.

There isn’t much said about her dad, but her mom’s love shines bright in Ella’s life. They share more than just a family name; they share a bond full of care and support. Having her mom by her made Ella the kind person she is today.

Ella Eva Mireles Siblings

Ella Eva Mireles has brothers or sisters, but we don’t know much about them. Sometimes, people keep their family life private, and that’s okay. What’s important is that Ella grew up with love around her. Having siblings can be fun.

They can play games, share secrets, and help each other. Even though we don’t have the details, imagine Ella laughing, playing with her siblings, and having a great time. Siblings are a special part of a family, adding more smiles and memories to life.

Ella Eva Mireles Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Children, Career, Bio/wiki


Ella Eva Mireles has a heart full of love, not just for teaching and her family, but maybe for someone special too. We have a little information about whether she has a husband or a boyfriend.

It’s like a secret garden that only Ella knows the key to. Like in fairy tales, the princess sometimes keeps her prince charming a secret. But one thing is sure: Ella is surrounded by love, whether from a special someone, her family, or the many students she has taught.


Ella Eva Mireles is a mom who loves her children very much. We need to find out how many children she has or their names. But we can imagine she tells them stories, helps with their homework, and plays games. Just like any mom, she wants the best for her kids.

She probably teaches them to be kind, to study hard, and to chase their dreams. Her children are lucky to have a mom like her, full of love and wisdom. Ella’s passion for teaching didn’t stop at school; she also taught her children many important things.

Ella Eva Mireles Age, Height, Weight

Ella Eva Mireles is 79 years old, which means she has celebrated her birthday 79 times! She is as tall as five rulers stacked on each other, 5 feet and 4 inches.

We don’t know how much she weighs, and that’s okay because it’s not polite to ask someone about their weight. It’s more important to know that she’s healthy and happy. Ella has seen many birthdays come and go; each year, she grows wiser and shares more smiles with the world.


Ella Eva Mireles was a teacher for many years. She spent her days in a classroom, sharing stories, teaching numbers, and helping children learn about the world. Ella loved her job because she could see her students grow smarter daily.

She taught in a school where kids would come with bright eyes every morning, ready to learn new things. Ella ensured her classroom was happy and filled with laughter and learning. Even though she is not teaching anymore, her students still remember her as a wonderful teacher who helped them believe in themselves.

Ella Eva Mireles Net Worth

Ella Eva Mireles worked very hard as a teacher for many years. Teachers help kids learn about numbers, words, and the world, and they earn money for their work. The money Ella made from teaching and other jobs is called her net worth.

We don’t know the exact amount of Ella’s net worth, but we can think about all the years she spent teaching and helping students. This tells us she was very dedicated and probably saved up for her job. Remember, it’s not how much money you have that’s most important, but how you use it to make life better for yourself and others.

Ella Eva Mireles Ethnicity

Ella Eva Mireles is like a beautiful flower in a big garden of many different flowers. Just like flowers come in all colors, people do, too. Ella’s family has roots in a place with lots of sunshine and wonderful traditions.

Even though we don’t talk about the exact spot, it’s like a secret recipe that makes her special. People’s backgrounds are like colors that paint who they are. Ella’s colors are bright and full of stories, just like the place her family comes from. These stories and traditions make Ella and everyone else unique in their own way.

Presence on social media

Ella Eva Mireles likes to keep things simple, so she only spends a little time on social media. Imagine a playground where all kids play and talk; social media is like that but on the internet.

Ella prefers quiet and peaceful places, more like a library than a noisy playground. If you try to find her on big sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it might be hard. She enjoys her life away from the screens, sharing moments with her family and friends in real life, not through a phone or computer screen.

Ella Eva Mireles Wikipedia

Ella Eva Mireles still needs to get a page on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is like a big online book where you can learn about many people, places, and things. Only some have their page there, but it’s okay.

Even though Ella isn’t on Wikipedia, her story is still important and interesting. She has done many great things, like being a wonderful teacher and helping many kids learn. Sometimes, the stories of people who aren’t on Wikipedia are just as special and need to be shared in other ways, like in this blog.

Future Plans

Ella Eva Mireles is enjoying her days after many years of teaching. Now, she likes having fun and being with her family. Ella also enjoys helping her community and sharing her love of learning with others, even though she’s not in a classroom anymore.

She might not make big plans like she used to, but every day is special. Ella finds joy in simple things, like reading a new book, visiting friends, or walking. She shows us that happiness comes from doing things we love and being with people we care about.


  • Reading books: Ella loves to open a book and dive into stories of adventure and magic. 
  • Gardening: She enjoys planting flowers and watching them grow, turning her garden into a rainbow of colors. 
  • Cooking: Ella likes to cook yummy food and try new recipes that make everyone’s tummy happy. 
  • Walking: She takes walks, enjoying the fresh air and the songs of birds. 
  • Crafting: Ella creates beautiful things with her hands, like painting and knitting, and making gifts for her friends and family.


– **How old is Ella Eva Mireles?**
She is 79 years old. 

  **Where does Ella live?**
She lives in Rachal, Texas, in the U.S.A.

**Did Ella Eva Mireles teach?**
Yes, she was a teacher before she retired. 

**Does Ella have any children?**
she is a mom, but we don’t know how many kids she has.

**Is Ella Eva Mireles on social media?**
No, she likes to spend her time away from screens. 

**Does Ella have a favorite hobby?**
she loves reading, gardening, cooking, walking, and crafting. 

**Can I find Ella on Wikipedia?**
No, she doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.


Ella Eva Mireles is a special lady with a big heart. She spent her life teaching kids and sharing love with her family. She shows us that being kind, learning, and having fun is important.

Even though she no longer teaches in a classroom, she still helps people understand and smiles daily. Ella’s story tells us to chase our dreams and care for others. She is a wonderful example of how to live a happy life filled with love and learning. Ella reminds us that everyone has a story that can inspire others.

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