Sara Dylan Bio/Wiki, Age, Height , Career , Husband, Net Worth

Sara Dylan(Bob Dylan Wife) Bio/Wiki, Age, Height , Career , Husband, Net Worth

Sara Dylan is a former American actress and model famously known as the first wife of legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Born in 1939, Sara’s original name was Shirley Marlin Noznisky. She married Bob Dylan in 1965 and had four children together before divorcing in 1977. Sara’s career began as a model in the late 1950s, and she later transitioned to acting, appearing in a few films and television shows. Despite her short-lived acting career, Sara remains a prominent figure in popular culture due to her relationship with Bob Dylan.


Who is Sara Dylan?

Sara Dylan was a model and an actress a long time ago. She was exceptional because she was married to Bob Dylan, who writes beautiful songs. Sara was born in 1939, which is a very long time ago! She and Bob Dylan married in 1965, and they had four kids. They were a family until 1977. People remember Sara not just because she was married to Bob Dylan but also because she was in some movies and TV shows. Sara’s life has been interesting, with many stories from when she was a model and an actress.

Intro American actress and model
From United States of America
Is Model Actor Stage actor Film actor
Work field Fashion Film, TV, Stage & Radio
Gender Female
Star sign ScorpioScorpio
Birth 25 October 1939 , Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware, USA
Age 84 years
Spouse: Bob Dylan (22 November 1965-29 June 1977)
Children: Jakob Dylan , Jesse Dylan

Early Life of Sara Dylan


Sara Dylan was born a long time ago, in 1939. When she was a little girl, her name was Shirley Marlin Noznisky. She grew up very pretty and started working as a model when she was young. Sara liked being in front of the camera and later tried acting. She was good at acting and appeared in some movies and TV shows. Her life was filled with exciting things from a young age, and she met many people who liked her work. Sara’s early years were the start of a thrilling story.


Sara Dylan Real Name


Sara Dylan was not always called Sara. When she was born, her name was Shirley Marlin Noznisky. That’s a pretty long name. People sometimes have different names, like when they get married or decide to like another name better. Shirley chose to be called Sara, especially after she started her new life with Bob Dylan. Changing names can be like starting a new chapter in a storybook. It’s like when someone picks a new name for a game or a unique nickname that friends call them. Sara liked her new name, and many people know her by that name now.


Sara Dylan Nationality


Sara Dylan is American because she comes from America, a big country with lots of different people and places. Being American means she was born in America or became a citizen there, just like you might be from the place where you were born or where your family lives. So, when we talk about where Sara is from, we say she is American because that’s where her life story begins.


Sara Dylan Age, Height, Weight


Sara Dylan was born in 1939, which means she has seen a lot of birthdays! Counting up to today, she’s much older than your grandma or grandpa might be. When she stands up tall, she’s not super tall or short; it’s just a height that’s right for her. And she weighs just enough so that she is healthy and robust. Everyone is different, and Sara is just right the way she is. We don’t talk about people’s weight much because what’s most important is how kind and calm you are, just like Sara.


Sara Dylan Parents


Sara Dylan’s mom and dad were critical people in her life, just like your parents are to you. Her dad’s name was Isaac Noznisky. He came from far away before Sara was born, looking for a new home in America. Sara’s mom was there to help her grow up, teach her many things, and care for her. We don’t know her mom’s name, but we do know that parents love their kids a lot. Sara’s parents were particular because they helped her become the person she was, teaching her to be kind and strong.


Sara Dylan Siblings


Sara Dylan had brothers and sisters like some of you might have. Siblings are like your first friends who grow up with you. They can play with you, share secrets, and sometimes even argue, but they still love you. We don’t know their names or how many she had, but having siblings means you’re never alone. They’re part of your family team. Sara’s siblings have been part of her adventure since she was young, helping her learn and grow.




Sara Dylan’s husband was Bob Dylan, who writes beautiful songs. They got married in 1965, which was a pleasant time. Bob Dylan is famous around the whole world for his music. People love listening to his songs. Sara and Bob shared many special memories and had four children together. Their marriage was like a story from a book, full of love and music. They stayed married until 1977. Even though they are unmarried, many people still talk about their time together.

Sara Dylan Bio/Wiki, Age, Height , Career , Husband, Net Worth


Sara Dylan Children’s


Sara Dylan and Bob Dylan had four kids who made their family even more special. Each child brought joy and smiles into the world, making their family full of love and fun. Like you might have brothers or sisters to play with, their children had each other. They shared games, stories, and lots of laughter. Imagine having a big family with lots of kids to play with all the time! That’s how it was for Sara Dylan’s children. They were a team, each unique, but they made their family complete.

Sara Dylan Bio/Wiki, Age, Height , Career , Husband, Net Worth

Sara Dylan Wikipedia


If you want to learn more about Sara Dylan, you can look her up on Wikipedia. It’s like an extensive online library with stories about many people, including Sara. On her Wikipedia page, you’ll find things about her life, like when she was born, the movies she was in, and her family with Bob Dylan. It’s an excellent place to go if you’re curious and want to know more about her. Just type her name, and you’ll see all kinds of information about her adventures and who she is.




Sara Dylan’s family background is fascinating. Her dad, Isaac Noznisky, came from a place far away to live in America before Sara was born. This means Sara has roots from different parts of the world. People come from many places, and that makes each person unique. Sara’s family story shows how people from various backgrounds can unite and create a new life in a new place. It’s like when friends from different neighborhoods meet and share their stories and games. Sara’s background mixes her dad’s journey and her life in America.




Sara Dylan started as a model, which means she got to dress up in beautiful clothes and have her picture taken. Later, she tried acting, pretending to be different characters for movies and TV shows. Acting is like playing make-believe, but everyone sees it on their home screens. Sara didn’t act in many films but showed her talent in a few. Even though she’s not acting or modeling now, people still remember her for her work and for being part of Bob Dylan’s life story.


Net Worth


Sara Dylan’s net worth is like how many toys or games you might have saved up if you kept getting an allowance for a very long time. Even though Sara was in movies and married Bob Dylan, who makes beautiful music, it’s hard to say exactly how many dollars she has. She might have a lot because Bob Dylan’s music is loved by so many. But remember, it’s not polite to ask someone how much money they have, just like we don’t count our friends’ toys. Sara’s net worth is part of her private story.


Presence on Social Media


Sara Dylan is a little on websites like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, where people share pictures and talk with friends. She likes to keep her life private, away from the internet. So, if you want to see what she’s doing today, you might need help finding her there. Instead, we can remember the cool stuff she did long ago through movies and stories about her. Just imagine that only some people need to be on the internet to be interesting. Sara’s life is full of fascinating tales without needing to post them online.


Legacy and impacts

Sara Dylan’s story is like a beautiful painting that helped color the world of music and movies. She was more than just Bob Dylan’s wife; she was also a mom, an actress, and a model. Her love story and family with Bob Dylan gave him ideas for some of his songs, which many people worldwide love to listen to.

Even though Sara liked to stay out of the spotlight, her kindness and life touched many hearts. People remember her for being a particular part of a famous story and for the quiet, good things she did.

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Future Plans

Talking about plans for Sara Dylan is like guessing what will happen in the next chapter of a book we haven’t read yet. Since Sara likes to keep her life private, we have yet to learn much about what she will do next.

But just like in any good story, we can hope her future is full of happiness, love, and fun adventures. She may spend time with her family, enjoy her hobbies, or even discover new things that make her smile. Whatever Sara decides to do, we wish her all the best and many joyful moments ahead.



  •  Sara likes to take pictures. It’s fun to capture moments.
  • She enjoys reading books. Stories take her on adventures.
  • Sara loves to listen to music, especially songs that make her happy.
  • She spends time gardening, planting flowers, and watching them grow.
  • Walking in nature is one of her hobbies. She loves the fresh air and the sound of birds.
  • Sara also likes painting. She creates beautiful pictures with her colors.
  • Cooking new recipes is exciting for her. She tries making tasty dishes.
  • Spending time with her family is significant. They do fun activities together.



**Did Sara Dylan act in movies?**
Yes, she worked in a few films and TV shows.

**How many kids does Sara have with Bob Dylan?**
They have four children together.

**Is Sara Dylan on social media?**
No, Sara likes to keep her life private and isn’t on social media.

**What does Sara Dylan like to do for fun?**
She enjoys taking pictures, reading books, listening to music, gardening, walking in nature, painting, cooking, and spending time with her family.

  **Can I read about Sara Dylan online?**
You can find out more about her on Wikipedia and other websites.




Sara Dylan’s story is like a beautiful adventure book filled with stories about modeling, acting, and being part of a famous family. She shows us that being kind and loving what you do is essential. Even though she’s not in movies anymore or on social media, people still remember her for the good things she did. Her life teaches us to enjoy our hobbies, spend time with our family, and make the world more excellent, just like she did. Sara Dylan’s journey is an entire lesson we can all learn from, making her story memorable in many ways.

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